About Us

Puthiya Kural Newspaper , launched in April 2018. Puthiya Kural, which began as a print Issue to win the rights of Tamils in Sri Lanka, has emerged monthly. Those who are unable to see the limited edition of the Puthiya Kural Newspaper can see it online.

Puthiya Kural has been publishing special news on Up-Country and Colombo, focusing on the minority population in the Northern and Eastern Provinces of Sri Lanka. Puthiya Kural, which has special reporters in Europe, Canada, the Middle East and Tamil Nadu, has a dedicated team to publish news on the Internet. It also has special pages on Facebook and YouTube, News Email: puthiyakuralpaper@gmail.com Puthiya Kural Monthly's digital page, news is released in sound and light format and web page. Like this page and you can instantly know the current world.